Evolution Garage homepage is back online!

Welcome to Evolution Garage!

Our new website is now live… as you can see! Since we are a bit lazy… we will do our best to remember to keep the site updated, so you know what’s up!


So what have we been doing since the last season?

Some of us are preparing their cars for drifting and track-days, and some have decided to rebuild their whole car… A lot to do for many of us! … and … at the same time we are building/renovating a new garage for 6 members.

So as you might see… we have a lot to do and we keep at it! As it looks now there will be many more Evolution Garage cars on the tracks next season!

And we did managed to get away for 2 weeks, so we went to the Nurburgring! So here is a picture of Barre. Lined up for his first run on the Nurburgring GP Formel 1 track.


Until next time!